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Presidential Volunteer Service Award

by Angela Xu

What’s the Presidential Volunteer Service Award?

PVSA is a prestigious award awarded by the White House and signed by the President of the United States. This award is given yearly to student volunteers that reach a certain quota of service hours. Students can earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award based on their number of hours.

How can I earn it?

You have twelve months to complete the number of required hours. This chart details how many service hours you must perform to receive a gold, silver, or bronze award based on your age group:

Age Group




Kids (ages 5-10)

26 – 49 hrs

50 – 74 hrs

75 +

Teens (ages 11-15)

50 – 74 hrs

74 – 99 hrs

100 +

Young Adult (16 – 25)

100 – 174 hrs

175 – 249 hrs

250 +

Adult (26 and up)

100 – 249 hrs

250 – 499 hrs

500 +

What counts as service hours? Any unpaid volunteer service that benefits others can help you earn the PVSA Award. This does NOT include:

  • Donating funds
  • Political lobbying (Non-partisan voter registration is an eligible activity)
  • Religious instruction
  • Conducting worship service
  • Proselytizing
  • Volunteer service performed as part of court-ordered community service
  • Serving only family members

It is important to keep track of your hours and provide some type of proof that you completed it (this can be in a signed form, email confirmation, and/or tracking sheet)

Finally, the last step is to find an organization that is certified to give the award! Not all organizations can give out the PVSA award, to find one near you that is a Certified Organization, I suggest contacting local nonprofit organizations, schools, national service organizations, and federal, state, or local government agencies.

If you have volunteered with Michigan Youth Empowerment before, you are in luck! mYe is a certified organization and is accepting applications until October 5, 2020. At least 10% of your hours MUST be earned through Michigan Youth Empowerment and they must be earned between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020.

If this applies to you, you can apply for PVSA here.

Why earn the PVSA Award?

Having the PVSA Award is great for college applications as well as applying to clubs that may require volunteer hours in high school, such as the National Honors Society. Overall, volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and help other people, and the Presidential Volunteer Service Award will recognize those efforts!

If you have any questions about the PVSA Award, check out its official website: www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/

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