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Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

by Kevin Yang

Pumpkin CheeseCake Recipe



Step 1: (To make 6inch cake) Cream cheese 250g

Mashed pumpkin 135g, Egg 1, Sugar 60g, Milk 30g, cinnamon powder ¼ tsp

Step 2&3 How to make mashed pumpkin: cut pumpkin chucks,steam for 20 min, mash them with a fork.

Step 4: melt the butter into liquid

Step 5: ground Oreo cookie in zip bag, graham cracker also work

Step 6: Mix ground cracker with melted butter

Step 7: lay and press the cracker butter mixture into baking mold, put in refrigerator until its hard

Step 8: use add sugar into room temperature cream cheese, Mix it smoothly 

Step 9: Add egg, mix in well

Step 10: Add mashed pumpkin, mix well

Step 11,12: Add milk, cinnamon powder, mix well

Step 13: Pour the mixture into baking mold

Step 14,15: put baking mold into a large baking pan, add hot water into the large baking pan, about halfway to the height of the cheesecake, 320F and bake for 1 hour. You should see the surface of the cake turning golden. Remove it from the oven, let it cool, then put it in the refrigerator to cool for another 4+ hours. 


Enjoy the pumpkin cheesecake!



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