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Reddit Wednesday Frog

by Kevin Cong

It is my duty to inform you ladies and gentlemen that this present day that we are living in is wednesday! Just kidding. In all seriousness, while today might not be Wednesday, the Wednesday frog will always live on in our hearts as one of the most important frogs ever. However, to our dismay, the memes subreddit has decided to ban postings of the frog for that it is considered reposting and it violates the rules of the subreddit. So, in remembrance of the frog, I present to you my article on how to draw the Wednesday frog.


Step 1: Outline. I know it looks kind of goofy, but I promise it is correct.


Step 2: other leg


Step 3: facial features and some body details.


Step 4: Finish body details


Step 5: color. Try to use multiple different colors for this part because the frog is not all tan.




And there you go! Now you can draw this meme and post it on the subreddit without it getting removed my mods!

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