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Remedies for Your Beautiful Skin

by Jessica Zhang

Whether it’s acne or wrinkles, try out some of these skincare tips to treat your beautiful skin:


  • As one of the key components in skin health, moisturization is a must! If your skin is too dry, your face will produce more oil, leading to acne and an unhealthy balance of moisture. 

Drink water

  • Adding on to the point of hydration, water helps flush out toxins in your body. So, make sure you get that H2O in!

Do NOT pop your pimples

  • Personally, I struggle with this as well and I understand you’ve probably heard this line a million times. However, It could not be more true. No matter how much you think you’re speeding up the healing process, trust me when I say you can only make it worse. Be patient with your skin!


  • Exfoliate a few times a week to kick those dead skin cells off your beautiful skin and get yourself that glow!


  • Nourishing vitamins such as Vitamin C can go on your skin to brighten up your glow and erase impurities. Check out some serums to apply if you’re interested.

Don’t touch your face so much

  • Your hands are dirty! Touching your face so much will lead to bacteria being spread and lead to breakouts.


  • Scared of wrinkles? Sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful rays and keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Hopefully these basic skincare guidelines were helpful to you! Don’t forget, consulting a professional is always a reliable option. 🙂

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