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Resting and Recovering After Midterms

by Grace Zhang

Congratulations for finishing a grueling week of semester exams! Now that you finally have some free time on your hands and no stress anymore, how do you take advantage of it? Only a weekend lies between you and the next semester, so make sure you use it wisely! Here, I have compiled a list of post-midterm activities to help you unwind, breathe again, and avoid burnout for the second semester.

First, you should look forward to the future instead of stressing about your midterms. Even if you think that you failed your exams, they already happened, and you can’t change the past. Because the weekend after midterms is the slight intermission between the first and second semesters, you should focus on resting and recovering both physically and mentally. This means resuming healthy habits such as sleeping, eating healthy, and exercising. You can even start a new hobby to occupy your mind! Regardless, the midterms that you have finally finished should be the last thing to think about. Give yourself some credit for getting them done!

Following up on my point to reestablish healthy habits, one of the most important things you can do is to catch up on sleep. Many people neglect sleep while studying for exams, with some pulling all-nighters to get their studying done. If this sounds like you, get some good sleep before the second semester starts again. Lack of sleep can lead to poor mental health and will leave you unprepared for school to start again. 

Some other healthy habits you can do are eating healthy and filling meals with fruits and vegetables and exercising. Midterm studying has probably taken up the majority of your time the past couple of weeks, and has been your top priority. Take this time to catch up on taking care of yourself again! Although it’s cold outside, even a walk in the neighborhood or playing indoor sports can help.

Finally, clean up the space around you now that exams are over. Put away clothes, organize your folders, and tuck away your midterm studying material. (close all your study related tabs on your computer as well!) Keep only the most essential papers from semester 1, and clear out your backpack for the start of a new semester with a clean slate. 

With all these ways to recover from midterm season, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go back to school for the second semester.

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