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Rock Painting Tutorial

by Tianze Li

Rock painting is a fun craft you can do just about anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. You don’t have to take lessons, or be an artist to enjoy it. With the right supplies, you can easily create a masterpiece of your own! Also, I’d like to thank my friend Claire Walter for providing these amazing pictures and step-by-step instructions.


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Smooth Pebbles
  • Sealant (optional)


  1. Paint on a base color (I used turquoise) and then blend in sky and lake colors as you’d like (I used light purple to blend the base of the sky and a darker blue for the lake).
  1. Add clouds.
  1. Add the silhouette of a mountain or two in a dark color. I mixed dark purple, bronze, red ochre, and black to create this color, but you can use any dark color you have/want.
  1. Add highlights to one side of the mountains and shadows to the other side. Blend the highlight color at the base of the mountains to create a kind of fog.
  1. Add highlights to the center of the lake and create a treeline along the base of the mountains. Use the same color to create little land formations within the lake. I added more purple to my mountain shade to create the color of the treeline and land patches, but again you can use any color scheme you want. 
  1. Start adding trees. Start with a vertical line and add horizontal branches with a detail brush or another tool you have.
  1. Add bushes to the treeline and the patches of land in the lake. I used three colors (yellow ochre, dark green, lime green) to create depth in the bushes. Add highlights into the trees (I used dark green) and lightly add the reflection of the land in the lake. Add any finishing touches and you’re done!

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