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SAT prep: Khan Academy

by Ryan Cong

Standardized testing is a major factor in the life of every student, and a good score on the SAT or ACT could be great for college applications. However, a bad score can damage your resume. In this article, I will show you one of the best ways to prepare for standardized tests: Khan Academy. Now, Khan Academy is one of the best websites for studying in general, whether it is math concepts, grammar lessons, or any subject imaginable, Khan Academy provides a spectrum of easy-to-understand courses for free. So if you haven’t yet, make an account today! 

Aside from the tutoring courses or schoolwork help that Khan Academy offers, they also have a program that some may not know about: SAT prep. Partnering with Collegeboard, the two organizations launched an SAT practice program that is any high school student’s dream. So, here are some things to get you started on their SAT prep course. 

First of all, create an account. Use an email address that you will likely check every day because Khan Academy actually sends emails reminding you to practice. Also, consider creating a Collegeboard account as well because you can connect the two accounts, giving you more statistics and pinpointing exactly what you have to work on.

Next, Khan Academy offers a great system that lets you create a schedule for studying every day. For example, you could set the daily goal to be 20 questions, and the software would automatically create a program that lets you work on different things every day, whether it is math, reading, or grammar. These different practices are staggered, but you could do any of them if you wanted more practice. Khan Academy also measures your proficiency in each category, so more often than not, they will assign what’s best for you. They also offer in-depth explanations to every single problem, for both right and wrong answers, which can help your understanding and grow your knowledge.

In addition to all of the previously mentioned benefits, where Khan Academy truly shines is its amount of content and areas for practice. The software actually goes in-depth into every one of its problems, and categorizes them into hundreds of different “skills”. Whether it is specific grammar concepts, reading techniques, math types, and much more. You could see your proficiency at every single skill with their level system, which allows you to “level up” skills as you correctly answer questions requiring those skills. 

Lastly, Khan Academy has a very good practice-test program. In the beginning, you get to choose which dates to have these practices. After every test, you will be given a very informational breakdown of all the problems on the test, an evaluation of what you need to improve, and after taking many practice tests, trends to see how you have improved overall. So, with all that said, if you are a high school student, go create an account now, and happy studying.


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