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Shaelin’s Short Stories

by Tianze Li

Shaelin (they/she) is a twenty-four-year-old writer, if this blog is up to date. They majored in writing at the University of Victoria and writes in a variety of genres, including literary fiction. Their work has appeared in The Fiddlehead, The New Quarterly, PRISM international, The Puritan, Room, CAROUSEL, and Minola Review. Shaelin is also very cool, as rain is their favorite weather (about). <3


Shaelin started this YouTube channel on books at least five years ago and is still uploading consistently. There are writing tips, writing vlogs, and book reviews. All of the videos are very helpful, but this video is THE funniest. :p


The link above lists out Shaelin’s WIPs, which stands for “works in progress”. They’ve written at least nine books and shelved almost all of them. According to Shaelin’s blog, the books in the shelved projects are manuscript-length books that they’ve written but didn’t publish (Shaelin Writes). There’s also a video about shelving and the books.

Short Stories

Here are the published short stories that Shaelin wrote that young adults can read. This list is in reverse chronological order—the ones at the top are the recent stories. Most of the stories are available to read online, but “Barefoot” is only available in print.

Elise Holding a Deer Mouse, 1829

Cherry & Jane in the Garden of Eden

I Will Never Tell You This


That’s it for today. Happy fall! Happy reading!

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