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Strong Doge Art Tutorial

by Kevin Cong

Hello fellow visitors of the MYE BEAT Page! I know that school has started/will start soon for most of you, and it is probably a really stressful time right now. However, fear not, as I am here again with another arts article! Today, we will start a two part article series featuring the iconic duo, “Strong Doge” and “Cheems”, and we will begin with Strong Doge. With all his muscle details and shadings, he might seem very hard to draw at first glance. However, with the right steps, you too, can draw him. Ready or not, here we go!


Step 1: Outline

With a clear outline, it makes drawing the details much easier


Step 2: Face

Facial details are pretty hard. However, anything is possible with a couple of tries and a lot of erasing!


Step 3: Muscles

Here is the hardest part. To get all of Strong Doge’s muscles correct, one would have to do a lot of alignment. However, like I said before, just try and erase and try again.


Step 4: Coloring

In truth, Strong Doge really does not have too big of a variety of colors. Therefore, the simple colors “tan”, “yellow”, and “brown” should do the job just fine.


And here you go! Strong Doge!


Have a good day everyone!

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