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by Stanli McHaney

Importance of Summer Learning

      After what seemed like years, school is finally over! Well, now what? You could go to a party, or possibly go biking with a few friends. You could go out and play some basketball, or go to a community pool. These activities are fun, but just because school is over doesn’t mean it’s 100% free time. That might be something you never heard before, and it might even seem scary to you. Look at the image below:

That’s a lot of school material lost over the summer. I know, I know… spending some of your summer studying is probably not what you were daydreaming about on those last few days of school, but getting ahead could greatly benefit you when summer break is over.

Getting a math book would probably be one of the easiest solutions to the loss of math skills. You could set aside a few pages each day for a month or so, and when you’re done you would get a more advanced book and repeat. Another solution is a math tutor. Sure, it would cost a few bucks, but in the end it gives you a more complete understanding of what you are studying compared to just doing it on your own. Maybe getting ahead isn’t your goal, but a review over the summer is all you need. If you haven’t burned your math book in excitement when school was over (it’s fun, you should try it sometime), try going back and redoing some of those math problems. Maybe there was a section you didn’t understand well. Simply reread the lesson, attempt the problems again, and ask your parents or an older sibling if you got the answers right.

For English skills, there are many solutions, but I’m only going to list a few. If you are just trying to be more casual during the summer, simply reading a few books that are your age level throughout the summer will keep your reading skills fresh. For writing and composition review, choose a topic that you are interested in, and write an essay about it. That might not seem like fun, but you can choose your own topic, your own format, and write it without your teacher’s annoying guidelines. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, read a few books, choose which one you liked best, and write a book report on it. This one, sadly, you would benefit most from if you wrote it in the format you were taught .

I want this to be clear. I am not saying study all summer long. It’s literally called “summer BREAK”; we all earned it. Go have a blast this summer, but remember to stay on track academically.

Thanks for reading, and happy summer!

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