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The Artist Monet

by Minghan Xu


Many people have heard of the artist “Monet”, yet they hardly dig into the background story and what makes Monet prominent. Claude Monet (1840-1926) is well-known to be an impressionist. Just like how it sounds, impressionism focuses on the impression. The artists almost never draw in a studio, but outside during a moment with a specific type of lightning. 


Monet grew up in Normandy, France. For him, his childhood memories are filled with the ocean. Around the age of 17, Monet met Eugene Boudin, an artist who visit Normandy to illustrate the sea and sky, introducing Monet to drawing in nature. It influenced him greatly. It was extremely conventional since the 16 century that artist paints oil landscape paintings in the studio. Before 1870, Monet was someone who likes to control the lights and don’t emphasize detail strokes. 


Famous Painting and Message

The impressionism style is made out of rough strokes where people like Monet, believe that the colors of an object are constantly changing. For instance, in the grass of the Woman with a  parasol,  there is not only green in green grass, but red blue, and brown. If one examines the painting carefully, one can see that the colors were not mixed together and each color shares an individual portion. However, if one looks at it from a distance, it became a perfect melody. This is one of the traits of impressionism, one can only comprehend the drawing from a distance. The woman in the picture is his wife, who unfortunately passed away in 1879. Around that time, most of his artworks are cold-color, which was later addressed by the public that he didn’t have enough money then to buy warm-color paints. 

One most fascinating techniques of Monet is that in order to catch each light carefully, he paints the same objects at different times under different lighting. One of the famous paintings in that he uses this skill is the Rouen Cathedrale, where one can capture time flying under their eyes. 








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