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The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

by Grace Wang

What do you do when you are on social media? Do you add your friends? Do you talk to people you don’t even know at all? What do you think is the best option when you are online? Don’t worry! If you have no clue, I got you! Below are some basics of what you should do and what you should not do on social media.

Let’s start off with the DO’S

#1) Think before you post!

What you post on your personal social account can affect how people view you. Think carefully about how posts that issue commentary topics like religion, politics or gender issues might impact your relationship with your fellow friends. For example: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 

#2) Be aware of the picture you post with others 

Try to make sure if you are posting a picture with your friends that they are okay with them being on your social media account. 

#3) Be yourself 🙂 

People wanna see the real you. (The charming, moderately censored, professional version.)  If you keep this in mind, you’ll be able to build an authentic persona that people will want to engage with online.

#4) Think before you speak 

Nothing ever gets deleted. You may think yes, but it can always be brought back. Try not to engage with topics or conversations that could leave you regretting your words for months or years. 

#5) Measure your success 

YES! It is OKAY to do this! Be proud with your followers or different platforms you have developed! Periodically review your goals, measure your followers, and keep developing strategies for the future to improve your success. 🙂

Okay now the DON’TS

#1) Don’t share too much information! 

Some things are better left unsaid. People you’re looking to engage with professionally online do not need to know your physiological functions, your embarrassing moments or your lengthy daily recap. For both business and personal accounts, it should go without saying that personal information does not need to be shared with the public

#2) Don’t Lie 

Don’t risk your reputation by telling one small lie. It’s really not worth it. It’s best to share Factual information about who you really are and have people get points and views in your perspective. 

#3) Don’t forget to do a spelling and grammar check! 

Nothing ruins brand perception more than carelessness, and having improper grammar and spelling is a tell-tale sign of that on social media.

#4) Don’t over promote your profile or business profile 

It’s healthy to stay balanced posting and scheduling. Many followers are not always thrilled to see too many posts or too little. 

#5) Don’t do things that can hurt others 

Social Media is one of the platforms that is known for bullying. People will comment mean and rude things or say things that really hurt others. Try to stick to nice and positive words! Also, stick to your profile and not worry about others. 🙂 

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