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Top 3 Anime of Winter 2021

by Luke Shen

Age Recommendation: 16 and up

Contains Spoilers for Attack on Titan & Re:Zero

Attack on Titan Season 4:

Attack on Titan is currently one of the most popular shows of winter 2021. This is evident as seen on MyAnimeList. This anime throughout its 8 years of airing, has developed significantly from its 1st season to its current 4th season. Often when thinking of a gory anime, Attack on Titan comes to mind. With its 15-foot giant humanoid creatures and the constant death in chaos revolving in this series, this anime is directed to more mature audiences. The plot of the season revolves around the discovery of the outside world outside of Paradis Island, how the main characters explore the outside world beyond the walls. The first few episodes as of now explore a truly new and different perspective of the previous setting of inside the walls. Some watchers may find this to be refreshing and exciting. What’s so nice about this season is that it has such a deep, rich and complex story that has taken years to develop and build up. This season especially starts to really pull at the watcher’s conscience and makes supporters of our current main characters start to really question their loyalty. In summary, I would recommend this anime to people who like a thought-provoking story with a well-cultivated world.

Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2:

This anime’s part 2 was already really hyped up when and aired in Summer of 2020 and the same can be said for its part 2’s part 2! Since the part 1 of part 2, the watcher is left off on a cliffhanger, and so far, the part 2 of part 2 has dropped many satisfying moments that longtime watchers have been waiting for. The story revolves around Natsuki Subaru, who is suddenly transferred to a magical and mysterious world. There he finds out that he has a sort of immortality, in which he is able to correct mistakes that he made once he has died. One he dies, he is revived in a place he was previously at, but with his memories intact, making it sort of a “redo” on life. Season 2’s plot is centered on the disappearance of the character Rem, a maid who has helped Subaru throughout his journey. Honestly this anime to me is pretty good, though its cheesy moments do make me cringe a little bit. However, the idea of a redo on life is quite intriguing and I feel there is a lot of thought put into how the story plays out. Of course, with all the redo’s on life, the anime does become a bit more confusing, so sometimes in order to get what is going on watchers may need to re-watch certain episodes. This anime, like Attack on Titan Season 4 is a sequel, so for newer watchers who want to get into this anime, I recommend you watch the previous seasons to get what is going on.


Another really highly anticipated anime of 2021, Horiyama is a classic Slice of Life*/Romance anime. The story is about Kyouka Hori, and her friend Izumi Miyamura and how they become friends. Both of these characters have a hidden side to them that they would rather not reveal, but due to unexpected circumstances, Hori and Miyamura find out about each other’s hidden personalities. This anime is only on the third episode since the writing of this article; however, the plot has been progressed a good amount. Horiyama was a popular manga prior to becoming an anime, which explains why this anime was so hyped up. Despite not reading the manga I did enjoy the relaxing plot and goofy moments of romance. Like slice of life animes, the plot does move pretty fast in which the times when episodes occur can happen weeks or months apart in the story. I recommend anime to people who like romance or want to have a nice and chill anime to watch.

Despite these three anime, there are so many more anime that come out this season, however these are three most popular ones.

*Slice of life is an anime that is set in real life

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