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Top Romance Animes

by Troy Shen

During this summer, I picked up a new hobby- binging anime. Although watching anime till 3am in the morning is necessarily healthy, it still was rather enjoyable (except when trying to wake up in the morning). I first got into anime after watching My Hero Academia and the Shounen genre, but my tastes have shifted into more romantic animes. Here are some of my personal top romance animes that I really enjoyed, whether being really wholesome, comedic, or bot.. There are probably even better ones, but again I recently got into anime, so if you’ve got any good animes to recommend me, feel free to leave a comment on this blog! Anyways, enjoy!

Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You

This anime is rather wholesome, but really funny at the same time. In Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You is about a boy who meets his destined lover in middle school after she saves him from getting hit by a truck. She disappears, but returns to marry the protagonist the day he turns 18. The protagonist now has to figure out how couples work (which is the comedic portion) while living with his newlywed wife (wholesome). There is a season 2 coming up  for this show too!


I would say this LGBTQ+ anime is the definition of wholesome. There are two main characters, one who has just lost a close person and tries to hold onto the close person’s passion to retain memory of him, and the other who kind of accidentally just runs into the other character. Their shared passion is music, and we also learn more about their past lives and how they get along in the future.

A Lull in the Sea

This romance anime can be funny, but is wholesome. This anime brings us to another world where there are sea people and land people who are at odds with each other. There are two seasons, and each season feels like another anime (trying my best not to spoil anything. Each episode is even more intriguing, and might cause you to get addicted! Either way, the protagonists have complicated relationships with each other and try to unite with each other with the land people and the sea people.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Probably the most comedic show I have ever watched, this romance comedy is a tale between two lovers trying to get each other to confess. Why? Because apparently the one who confesses has to do everything for the other person. The two lovers try really stupid tactics to woo the other, but nothing progresses. This series is actually not complete, be wary for the future!


Wholesome wholesome wholesome- way too wholesome. Looking for a typical high school romance where the protagonist becomes a changed man? Tada! The protagonist in this story is an emo teenager who meets with one of the stereotypical all-star girls, and this anime shows us their relationship (which is again super wholesome). If you want to feel true wholesomeness, this is the perfect anime for you.








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