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Top STEM Breakthroughs of 2020

by Troy Shen

2020- what a crazy year! From the Australian Wildfires, to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have endured a lot this year. However, this year was one of huge success in the STEM world! Here are the three major breakthroughs of 2020, and why they are so important to human innovation in the future.


One of the most hyped breakthroughs of 2020, 5G marks a very important step in wireless network technology. Not only is 5G ten to one hundred times faster than 4G LTE, it also has larger bandwidth, and reduces latency to virtually zero.

Covid-19 Vaccine

One may question the significance of the Covid-19 vaccine as a breakthrough, but what makes it so special isn’t how it will help end the Coronavirus Pandemic, but how the vaccine was developed. The vaccine was developed using The Genetic Approach, or mRNA. In this approach, mRNA is sent to our cells to develop the certain proteins needed to combat Covid-19. There has never been a fully approved vaccine using this method, but during this pandemic vaccines have been used for emergency use.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing will completely change the computer market in the world. Quantum computers use qubits instead of standard bits used by normal computers. The difference between a bit and an qubit is that an qubit can run many more processes than a normal bit. Quantum computing will result in way faster computers for the future, and a new potential for what we can do with technology.

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