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Uncharted Movie Review and Summary

by Hannah Wang


                 Many people don’t know that the recently released movie, Uncharted, is based off of the video game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Though I have never played the video game before, many people have said that it may be the best video game movie adaptation so far. Although the movie has some differences, like character changes, it still has a strong resemblance to the video game and is worthy of watching.

The movie is about Nathan Drake and treasure hunter Victor Sullivan (Sully) who are trying to recover a 500-year-old lost fortune amassed by a man named Ferdinand Magellan. Sully recruits Nathan on the journey that starts out as a heist to find the fortune before the antagonist, Santiago Moncada and his partner, Braddock, can get their hands on it. They meet another distrusting partner, Chloe Frazer, and race their enemies, barely escaping from their grasp multiple times. Their race turns into an unsatisfying end when none of them gets the treasure and it becomes the Philippines’s property. Even after all of the misfortunes that were caused, Nathan and Sully’s bond increased and they eventually became really close.


               The main character, Nathan Drake, is played by the famous movie star, Tom Holland. He has many fans and some people only want to watch it because they fan-girl/boy over him. Whenever someone sees a movie with Tom Holland in it, they immediately want to see it because he is such a great actor. To be honest, this is me too because I love how he can bring out the best of his character and really get into the mood. A major character in this movie, Sully, is played by Mark Wahlberg who is also famous for the movies he’s in. I think that he is the best person in the role because no one can carry out the humor and jokes like he can. Another major character of the movie is Chloe Frazer, who is played by Sophia Taylor Ali. She is also pretty famous for being in the romantic comedy series, Faking It, and the famous ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. She is amazing because she can act out the ups and downs of her character very well. The antagonists Santiago Moncada and Braddock are played by Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle. These actors are also really good at acting as their characters because they bring good intensity that makes people sit at the edge of their seats and wonder what’s going to happen next.


                This movie is really good, although it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen. A lot of people have wanted the video game to turn into a movie, and it did! The action scenes are all so realistic and the scenery is amazing too! Many people were worried that the movie would not turn out to be what they expected, but it turned out to be a major hit. Maybe some people don’t like it, but I really suggest checking it out if you like adventure!

Scenery Picture:

Video Game VS Movie:

The video game is pretty different from the movie. There are a lot of characters from the video game who are not in the movie. It is rumored that they will appear in sequels later on.

Will there be a Sequel?:

Yes, there is a high chance that there will be an Uncharted 2 although it hasn’t been completely confirmed yet. Also, at the end, there is a sneak peak that Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother who they believe is dead, is still alive.

Try it! You might like it! 😉

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