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Vex 2020-2021 Changes

by Kevin Yang

Given the recent circumstances with Covid-19, many different in-person events have been changed  online. VEX robotics has also made this change for 2020, however, there may be some chances for in-person competitions.

For the most part, different competitions such as the skills challenge will occur online, where teams will design a virtual robot separate from their physical one. Teams can choose from a variety of different softwares such as inventor and fusion 360 in order to design a robot.

From this, teams can code their virtual robot and code it to do online challenges, almost replicating the autonomous skills challenge in person.

Overall, there aren’t many key changes between this year’s events and the years before fundamentally, but the main differences are instead the environment of the competition. Rather than having a loud and open competition, teams will mostly be on their own.

At the moment, there are not very many in-person competitions being hosted, so many teams may not even have the chance to see other teams

For the rule set for this year’s challenge, visit:


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