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Week 1 Theme: Baby Yoda

by Grace Yang

The mYe BEAT Team is excited to announce our winners for week 1!

We received many wonderful Baby Yoda inspired creations and through careful consideration picked our three winners. If you weren’t amongst the winners this week, check out our Week 2 Competition for another opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card.


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Michael Chen, a 3rd Grader from Hamilton Elementary School

He stated that “I created this because face masks are crucial nowadays, and I wanted to make them fun. I used a paper towel roll and folded it, then my sister helped me sketch on the design of the Yoda. Then we painted it with acrylic paint and added the strings”

Harrison Wu, a 6th grader from Bloomfield Hills Middle School

He created his Baby Yoda on TinkerCAD and stated that “The way I made mine was I got  a square rounded it then got another square made it smaller thinner then I attached it to the other one which made the coat”

Jessica Wu, a 7th grader from Boulan Park Middle School

She created “Baby Yoda made from Baby Yoda’s. I used markers and felt pens and wrote “baby yoda” over and over again and created baby yoda out of it. Baby Yoda is holding a frog (which is also made out of “baby yoda’s”) and I used different colors of “baby yoda” to portray the different colors of the character.”

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