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Week 2 Theme: Picture on a Plate

by Grace Yang

The mYe BEAT Team is excited to announce our winners for week 2!

We received many wonderful food creations and through careful consideration picked our three winners. If you weren’t amongst the winners this week, check out our Week 3 Competition for another opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card.


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Kevin Yang, an 8th grader from Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School

He stated that, “I came up with a fish made out of carrots because I saw that the carrot slices kind of looked like fish scales and the cheerios kind of looked like bubbles, so I put them together and made a fish”

Michelle Chen, a 7th grader from Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School

She stated that, “I made this man in curry. I made a guy out of rice by shaping it. Then my mom taught me how to make curry. I added potatoes, carrots, beef, curry sauce, and onions. Then I arranged the guy to make it look like he is lounging in the curry. At last, I cut shapes out of seaweed to put on his face so he would have an expression”

Ray Guo, a 7th grader from Boulan Park Middle School

He stated that, “Due to all of this quarantine I have a desire to go outside. Therefore, my desire to explore the outside world again inspired me to create this image of the outside world. I used many different foods like lemon for sun, carrots for the rainbow and sun rays, tomatoes for the rainbow, spinach for the rainbow, cauliflower for clouds, broccoli for trees, seaweed for grass, and an egg to represent a person”

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