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Week 4 Theme: Upcycling Challenge

by Grace Yang

The mYe BEAT Team is excited to announce our winners for week 4!

We received many wonderful upcycling creations that are helping to make the world a little greener and through careful consideration picked our three winners. If you weren’t amongst the winners this week, check out our Week 5 Competition for another opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card.


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Reese, a 1st grader from Winchester Elementary

Reese created a “‘renewable energy powered village’ entirely out of recycled materials: cardboard, old toys, popsicle sticks, etc. “

We also received our first International Entry!

Yuchen Zhou, a year 7 (UK) / 6th grader (US) from the Anglo European School in the UK

He stated that “As you could see, this is a ‘Monster Dragon’ pencil stand which is fully utilised by used paper box for egg, paper box for cookie, plastic box for snack, yogurt plastic box and batteries. The head of the Monster Dragon is made by the plastic box for snack and paper box for egg, the body of the monster dragon is made by the paper box for cookie and two yogurt plastic boxes inside which I could put some small stuffs. All the six legs are made by the used batteries. Now this pencil stand is now on my desk to make my desk tidy and clean.”

Jessica Wu, a 7th grader from Boulan Park Middle School

She stated that “I made a mood jar which is used to track the happy and sad things in my life, this will help me find the happier times and highlight them. One side is painted yellow and the other is painted blue. There is a clear piece of plastic inside separating the two sides and there are 10 clay balls on each side. There is also bubble wrap on the bottom to make sure they don’t break and I also painted the cap of the jar. I reused the jar because it used to hold marinara sauce and I found out that it was going to be thrown away so I used it to create this mood jar.”

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