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Week 5 Theme: May Flowers

by Grace Yang

The mYe BEAT Team is excited to announce our winners for week 5!

We hope everyone got outside and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful “May Flowers” outside this week! If you haven’t then these creations from our readers are sure to bring that spring feeling to you! If you weren’t amongst the winners this week, check out our Week 6 Competition for another opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card.


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Kevin Yang, an 8th grader from Cranbrook Middle School

He stated that he made, ” a small pie with a design of a rose, that me and my mom made together”

Kate Fu, a 7th grader from West Middle School

She stated that, “I really like to decorate deserts, but I am not good at cooking them, so I thought of an easy way to use foods I already had to make a pastry that incorporated flowers. I ended up using a bread pudding and brownies and cream cheese frosting to create a flower pot with flowers in it that is edible”

Michael Chen, a 3rd grader from Hamilton Elementary School

He stated, “I made this spring flower pancake with pancake mix and food coloring. It is very fun to make pancake and taste yummy. Welcome Spring!”

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