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Week 7 Theme: Paper City

by Grace Yang

The mYe BEAT team is excited to announce our winners for week 7!

We hope you all had an amazing week full of laughter and cheer. 🙂 It was a pleasure viewing these magnificent cities and buildings full of incredible imagination and creativity. If you weren’t amongst the winners this week, check out our Week 8 Competition for another opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card.

Winners: Please check your email for more information

Kevin Yang, an 8th grader from Cranbook Middle School

He stated, “I created this paper house using a type of origami that my family uses to make mini trash bins, but this time I made it into a house!”

Kate Fu, a 7th grader from West Middle School

She described the city as, “Hatville- discovered in 208x, Hatville is the perfect place for people who love hats the slogan is litterly the name. The picture shows a small cheerful community that fulfills people’s needs. With 2 banks, a grocery store, and a hospital.”

Nicole Fu, a 7th grader from West Middle School

Nicole stated, “My city is a really simple city with houses and the basic buildings in most cities. I didn’t want a very futuristic city so I made my city more old fashioned with a clock tower and some boats and a tennis court. My city is really just a basic city with no conflicts and no stress or issues.”

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