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Week 8 Theme: Cookie Decorating

by Grace Yang

The mYe BEAT team is excited to announce our winners for week 8!

We hope you were able to create some amazing cookies this week. If you weren’t amongst the winners this week, we still hope you had some nice cookies to eat! Next week will be our last weekly competition, and we’re going out with a bang! First place will receive $50! Check out Final Competition Theme: mYe BEAT T-Shirt Design for more information!

Winners: Please check your email for more information

Kevin Yang, an 8th grader from Cranbook Middle School

He stated, “I made these panda cookies with my family because pandas are cute”

Sophia Jiang, a 4th grader from Silver Springs Elementary School

She stated, “I chose star constellations because they take time to draw with icing and I like doing that. I love how the people that saw these constellations used their imagination to find the shape of the constellation,  and not just some stars”

Nicole Fu, a 7th grader from West Middle School

She stated, “My cookie decoration is actually not a cookie, but a moon cake shaped as a ladybug. I did also not have the right colors so I made it really random colors”

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