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Who Would Win? Godzilla Vs. Kong

by Luke Shen

In March, one of the biggest fights between the two biggest monsters in movie history is going to go down. Because of my excitement for what’s going to happen, I decided to try to predict who would win.

In the previous movies we have seen that Godzilla has some sort of atomic breath. He also is canonically 984 feet. King Kong, on the other hand is around 104 feet meaning Godzilla is 880 feet taller than King Kong. This also most likely means, that King Kong will weigh less than Godzilla because with the extra height Godzilla must have more mass than King Kong. Knowing this, we know that Godzilla is going to be much heavier than King Kong.

Godzilla’s atomic breath

This gives me the impression that if King Kong were pinned down in any sort of way, he would most likely have no chance against Godzilla, possibly facing an atomic blast to the face. Do not worry though, not all hope is lost for King Kong. In one of the recent trailers, I have noticed that King Kong has a weapon that can absorb Godzilla’s atomic blast. it seems to be some sort of club or axe, made up of some sort of scale. People theorize this may be Godzilla scale.

We also know that King Kong is a giant gorilla or ape of some sort, meaning that he is both versatile and capable of lifting things 27 times their own weight. This information kind of cancels out the previous statements. We also seen the trailer that the fight will happen in a city. I believe this is the deciding factor.

King Kong wrestles Skullcrawler

Knowing that King Kong is much more versatile than Godzilla, and how Godzilla is much larger than King Kong, Godzilla will most likely have a lot of trouble moving in the city while King Kong will not. This gives King Kong the advantage in the fight because Godzilla will have a lot of trouble hitting King Kong. Meanwhile King Kong can jump around on the buildings and smack Godzilla with his giant club. In my opinion for the final fight of Godzilla versus King Kong, King Kong should win.

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