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Writing your Quotes

by Yule Xie


You have probably heard famous quotes from successful people. But have you ever considered creating your own quotes? It is one of the most creative forms of writing, and I began writing my quotes a couple of months ago. Writing quotes is a genuine form of self-care, as I was able to observe intriguing patterns in my writing and how it affects the way I think.


First, you have probably noticed the featured image in this article is a quote. It is my favorite quote as it contains unique word manipulation and a powerful message. Throughout this article, you will also see other images of quotes to provide some understanding of how you can write them.



In my opinion, writing quotes is truly a beneficial activity for your mental health. I recommend you sit in a quiet environment, grab some pencils and paper, and write away! The process of creating quotes not only practices your writing skills but also allows you to think creatively about the countless topics to construct a quote about. I will provide a list of simple ideas and suggestions for writing quotes:


  1. How to be happy

  2. Relate your quotes to your favorite subject (mine is physics)

  3. Your hobbies (mine is video games)

  4. Use figurative language in your quotes (such as comparing two unlike things)

  5. Employ humor


After you write the quotes, also consider sharing them with your friends! It will definitely be a good time for your friend to read your funnier quotes. I would also suggest discussing your quotes with other people and talking about their deeper significance.